Liberty Caps is the brainchild —and brain repository —of entrepreneur, activist, artist, writer, researcher, father, man of many hats, David Friedlander. A longtime champion of low-consumption living, David has finally seen the light of consumerism. 

Not really. 

Liberty Caps was borne of a few forces: 

  • Market demand: people kept asking where David got the hats he designed. He only made them because he found it surprisingly hard to find cool hats. He figured others might be similarly vexed. 
  • Versatile accessory: David is an advocate of having a few essential clothing items and accessorizing them liberally. Hats are one of the most prominent and functional accessories one can add to a look. David knows these hats get attention and they travel well, too. As far as stuff goes, these caps are pretty useful.      
  • CAPital needs: after being run out of his main industry —real estate —for his views on climate and social justice, it was suggested David find a new industry as a source of income, since he was broke as hell. The proceeds of Liberty Cap products go directly towards paying for David to write and advocate on behalf of project that could use my skills . Details below. 

A Note from David About Liberty Caps and Proceeds: 

Between August of 2019 and 2021, I was pushing my real estate startup, the Change Order Group. In that time, the prevailing real estate market and industrial forces counterintuitively moved away from promoting affordability and climate preparedness. Today’s modern real estate market is an environmentally and socially ruinous mashup spewing out made-to-rent McMansion suburban developments and generic glass-and-steel urban towers  built for phantom markets. Where’s the fun of being prepared for climate disasters or averting riots in the street, ammiright? 

Bereft of funding or projects for the startup, I had to pivot. I am now devoting myself to the work of speaking truth to power full-time. I am taking my most marketable skills  and directing them to mission-driven initiatives —I’m doing this rather than taking work from the funded startups and developers I did in the past.   

In July 2021 alone, I had two well-publicized pieces in influential, affluent metros: Brooklyn, NY and Boulder, Colorado. Both pieces bring light to the increasingly hostile stance big money has on climate preparation and the needs of working people across the world. We can do so much better. 

In the Works

I am working on a follow up piece with my colleague and NYC independent City Council candidate Lou Cespedes about the future of New York City in the wake of climate change. 

It’s great work. I feel totally fulfilled by it. Me and my homies are kicking ass. I’m flat broke, since none of my passions are money. 

A Liberty Cap purchase will keep me fueled so I can work on the aforementioned projects as well as many others. See list below. 

Thanks so much in advance and I hope Liberty Caps help you keep your head together in these fucked up times. 

Love and thanks,


These are issues I am eager to tackle once I get a modicum of financial security. I’m still taking donations, if you don’t want to forego the hat and directly contribute to my work. 

Mostly New York City Issues

  • Moratorium on New Construction, especially in climate vulnerable areas. 
  • Worst-case climate planning.
  • Lifting Tax Abatements on all vacant properties  
  • Penalize deliberate withholding of retail spaces 
  • Declaration of Climate Emergency (National as well)
  • Declaration of Affordability Emergency (National as well)
  • ULURP Oversight and compliance. 
  • Stopping Soho/Noho Rezoning 
  • East River Park 
  • Reason and science-backed approaches to ameliorating: chronic homelessness, education reform, police/legal/penal reform. 
  • Dismantling the industrial homeless, police, social-service, and legal complex that is bankrupting the city and keeping many New Yorkers in a state of logjam (National as well).  

National and Global Issues

  • Climate Emergency with worst case climate preparation and adaptation. 
  • Car free living and policy reform. 
  • Divestment in all oil and gas. 
  • Transforming monocultural agribusiness into local, cyclical agriculture. 
  • Police brutality, systemic oppression. 
  • Housing policy, affordability, and homelessness.
  • Financialization of housing and real estate 
  • Public and preventative health: fitness, food politics. 
  • Food, water, and energy security. 
  • Plant medicine legalization 
  • Divorce/Family Court reform.  

California Issues 

  • Project Homekey follow up. In 2016, I did research that many believe would be the basis for Project Homekey, California’s program to convert hotels into homeless housing. The program, like many good ideas, has been hijacked by an out of control industrial-homeless complex and speculative real estate market. There’s a good chance I could get an Op-Ed placed in the LA Times, but I need to get a little money coming in first, lest I qualify for the program.

Colorado Issues 

  • Getting big money and big corporate interests out of state politics. 
  • Immediate moratorium on building in wilderness frontier. 
  • Anti-sprawl land use reform.  
  • Housing, inflation, and other economic protections for resort towns.